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From the UK’s Leading Distributor of Branded, Printed Promotional Products

Quality products make the difference between people feeling valued or not. We offer a comprehensive range of internationally recognised brands that offer the perfect mix of quality, cost and value.

Incentive and premiums can make a competitive difference to your sales and marketing mix. Rowtex has the know-how to offer expert advice and guidance to make your sales and marketing budget go that little bit further.

We are Rowtex the Sales & Marketing Facilities Company. We are a dynamic marketing company specialising in the sourcing and supply of quality promotional products. We love what we do and have been doing it for over 25 years. We offer a wide range of internationally recognised brands in parallel with an exciting range of in-house brands specifically developed for all aspects of professional promotional marketing.

Why we are?

We listen to your marketing needs, we listen regarding your budget, we listen regarding the promotional objectives. We then analyse and focus on the most suitable motivational gift that will suit your audience. Our objective is to target your customer, staff or prospects  and recommend the most relevant gift(s) that are in sync with your promotional objective. We have a passion for cost effective marketing that makes your budget go further.

What we do?
How can we help your business?

We help your business by understanding your marketing objectives and how you want to motivate your customer base. Our recommendations are based seven crucial elements of your marketing mix - listening to your promotional requirement, analysing the most suitable cost effective incentives, recommending the most suitable gift, suggesting the best printing method, generating the artwork and supplying on time within budget.

What services do we offer?

Rowtex is a sales and marketing facilities company offering a wide spectrum of promotional merchandise from household names to specially developed in-house brands. We also have a supply network that spans the globe, enabling us to offer our clients te most suitable products to achieve their marketing objectives within the agreed budget. We offer a wide range of services that can synchronise exactly with each of our clients requirements in real-time.

  • Supply of promotional merchandise

  • International sourcing

  • Artwork & Design

  • Distribution logistics

  • Promotional consultancy

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