Never run out of Energy!

An ideal way to keep your company name in front of clients is a PowerBank printed with your company logo. With the latest Smartphones it’s becoming a necessity to have an extra charge at times when you need it most! 

Our entire Powerbank range are highly specified, fitted with grade 'A' Lithium Ion batteries. They have the capacity to charge 'Smartphones' as well as 'tablets'. Our range of Powerbanks are all compliant with CE, RoHS, MSDS, Battery Directive 2006/66/EEC which is vital for this sort of product.

PowerBanks are so useful and make the perfect customer gift or incentive. They are all fitted with an industry standard USB socket, allowing easy connection to Smartphones and iPads using their standard charging lead.

Phones are increasingly being used for GPS, heavy data use and browsing so battery life is a worry for most people when out and about - this is the perfect solution whilst keeping your message in front of them longer.


Our special pricing includes visuals, origination, artwork, printing and courier delivery to a single UK address.

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Capacities range from 1,800mAh to 8,800mAh

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